I started working with Kyan, the creators of Title Challenge in June 2014 after they commissioned me to work with them on the design and illustration side of their latest app. Their vision for Title Challenge was to create a football management game that harked back to the addictive simplicity of Championship Manager. Over the past 10 years, football management games have improved dramatically in quality and depth. The downside of this is that it now requires a heavy investment of time to make the most of the game. Avid players of Championship Manager 2 back in the 90's are now middle aged, some with kids, most with jobs and more importantly many of this group can no longer justify pulling 36 hour binges in a virtual world of football management.

In a bid to conquer this, Kyan created Title Challenge. A game for the iPhone that aims to be as addictive as the classic Championship Managers whilst also offering a simplistic style of game play that can be enjoyed by both the casual and the obsessed gamer.

I was briefed to design the branding for the game itself, to create a style that could be used to display kits for all of the clubs involved and to illustrate a series of characters in various poses that would be shown on the games loading screens.

You can see below how the end result turned out, but to read about the project in more depth and to see some of my early ideas and sketches, head over to my blog for details.

Visit https://itunes.apple.com/app/id959982756 to buy your copy of Title Challenge and follow the team over at @titlechallenge on twitter for updates.