Steven Gerrard Postcard Collection - An update

As many of you will know, I recently released a set of postcards in tribute to Liverpool FC's captain Steven Gerrard. The set is comprised of 8 postcards and one honours card, sold in a bespoke gift box. If you havent seen it already, check it out here.

The set went on sale for pre-order on Feb 18th and I've been really pleased with the positive response Ive had online. However, not everything has gone to plan.

I had factored in a week for printing of the postcards and 3 weeks for production of the gift boxes. I mentioned on my site there would be a short delay while I awaited delivery of the items. The boxes arrived on time and look superb. Unfortunately, the postcards arrived after a week or so and the quality just wasn't up to scratch. I'm not prepared to post out items that I'm not 100% happy with, so Ive been working with my printer ever since to get happy with the print quality of the postcards. There is a long and technical reason as to why the printing wasn't good enough, but I wont bore you with details. All I will say is that Im very close now to receiving the printed postcards and I know they will be worth the wait.

This has never happened to me before and it was an unexpected twist in a project that Im really proud of. Due to the delay in getting the cards printed and delivered, Ive been unable to post out orders. Thank you to all those who ordered postcard sets for your patience and understanding, Im sorry this has taken so long but Im working hard every day to ensure that the postcards will be printed asap to the highest standards.

Once I start dispatching orders, I will update this blog post. In the mean time, please follow me on twitter for more instant updates and sign up to my newsletter to find out about new products before everyone else!


UPDATE: I have now received the newly printed Gerrard postcards and spent the last few days packing up orders. As this is a bank holiday weekend in the UK, I'll be visiting the post office on Tuesday to dispatch all orders. Thanks for your patience!


I've just returned from the post office where I dispatched all Steven Gerrard Postcard orders that were made during February and March. The orders I have received since the start of April will be sent out next week. I've sold out of gift boxes so had to get more produced. Thanks for your patience.